Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Celaid Therapeutics Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) strongly recognizes that it is socially obligated to strictly protect and appropriately manage the personal it received and prevent the leak of such information. In order for our customers to feel secure when interacting with us, we have set forth a personal information protection policy as follows and declare that we will surely implement the policy.

  1. Acquisition of personal information

    The Company shall acquire personal information in a legal and fair manner without using fraudulent or other illicit means.

  2. Purpose of use of personal information

    The Company shall use the personal information acquired through inquiries only for the purpose of performing the Company’s work operations.

  3. Disclosure of personal information

    The Company shall not disclose the personal information it has received to a third party without permission from the individual subject to such information.

  4. Security management of personal information

    The Company shall secure the accuracy of the personal information and, at the same time, take appropriate security precautions to protect the personal information from leaks, alteration, loss, damage, or unauthorized access.

  5. Legal compliance and continuous improvement

    The Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other related laws and regulations, and this Privacy Policy and, at the same time, revise the above items as appropriate and strive to make continuous improvements.

  6. Inquiries

    For inquiries regarding the Company’s handling of personal information, please use the inquiry form on the homepage or direct the inquiry to the following point of contact.
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Date October 8, 2020

Representative Director and CEO

Nobuyuki Arakawa

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